ISAE 2016 Conference Promotion

The Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) are hosting their 2016 annual convention at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana.

Breaking Endurance: Flight of the Moody Brothers

In partnership with Macon County History Museum, Millikin University History, and Dolan Productions. The film is a 6 minute collection of oral history telling the story of Hunter and Humphrey Moody. In 1939 the two brothers broke the World Endurance Test, flying for 343 hours and 6 minutes. Come fly with us!

WAMM Promotion

Sunday school, the church family attraction, is dead. In the Indianapolis' Broad Ripple neighborhood, Northminster Presbyterian Church created a better experience, WAMM, (Worship, Arts, Music and Ministry.) But after its first year, the volunteers were exhausted.  Support for each of the twenty activities stopped. After refocusing, here's how Northminster plans to move forward with WAMM


Children at the Indiana Masonic Home

10-minute documentary featuring interviews with the children of freemasons who grew up at the home in Franklin, Indiana from 1930-1950. Their story sheds lights on the difference between growing up in an orphanage, and a place they called home. Enjoy.

Data Visualization: Temporary Exhibits Evaluation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

In the Spring of 2014, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) contracted three graduate students, including myself, from Indiana University School of Liberal Arts to evaluate visitor attendance in their temporary exhibitions. We chose to communicate our ideas for improvement via data visualization to the Board of Visitor Studies at the IMA. Here is the presentation they saw. Enjoy.

OPPC Treehouse Project

In the fall of 2014, the Sunday school redevelopment committee at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church, of Carmel, Indiana, asked the children to illustrate what their dream treehouse would look like? Here is what they drew. Enjoy.