Kelby Dolan is a young professional with eight years of visitor experience development in the museum industry.  Kelby edits and produces video, designs exhibitions, and in April 2014, preserved museum collections for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Kelby received his Bachelors in History from Millikin University with two departmental honors, and completed his Masters in Museum Studies from Indiana University's School of Liberal Arts. Kelby recently became a member of the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE) and served on the 2015 Convention Planning Committee.

He shares his time off work with his wife, Chelsea, laughing with family, and traveling to see friends. Kelby enjoys helping Chelsea create her art classroom. 


Service   Treating visitors, clients, and coworkers with a respectful and approachable attitude, helping them efficiently, and striving to cultivate ways to improve their experience.

Community   Establishing fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Integrity   I will act with the highest levels of honesty, and an expectation for those who I work with to replicate the same through all forms of communication.

Profitability   I will foster an institution that thrives based on positive financial health, and is internally encouraged by monetary growth.

Education   I will always create enlightening experiences for audiences of all ages.



Kelby’s thoughtful, patient, and analytical approach to life and work will serve your organization well. There should be no doubt that you have selected the right person.
— Janet Bailey, Memorial Physician Services